The Best Surf Spots in Ventura

Written by Scott Squires

August 21, 2016

The beautiful and historic City of Ventura (officially called San Buenaventura) is located around 70 miles northwest of Los Angeles on the Pacific Coast. It offers residents and visitors many amazing sites to visit and things to experience, and surfing is high on that list.

Here are the best spots in Ventura to catch a wave:

  • Rincon Point – Rincon Beach Park

Affectionately called the “Queen of the Coast,” Rincon Point is a legendary point break known for its long, perfectly formed right-breaking swells.

Its best season is winter especially with swells from the south, west, and northwest. The season is good on all tides but even better when on lows.

How to get there. Take the 101 Freeway all the way up to the Bates Road exit leading into Rincon Point Road.

  • Offramps – (formerly Stanley’s)

This area was called Stanley’s before the construction of the highway. A great spot for intermediate to advanced surfers, Offramps features fast, right-handed hollows that are easy to get to.

The best swells come from the west at low tide and when the wind is coming from the east. The waters are clean and there’s not much to watch out for.

Ideal seasons are fall, winter, and spring.

How to get there. It’s easy to find. Just take the Seacliffs exit on Highway 101.

  • Pitas Point

This spot hosts several breaks and is known for producing fast rights with great barrel sections. Come during the fall and winter and you just might catch some of the most epic surf breaks in South California.

The best swells come from the west, or northwest. Bring your longboard or shortboard; expect the paddle to be a little tough. And watch out for rocks.

How to get there. Pitas point is nestled between Solimar Beach and Seacliff along Highway 101.

  • Solimar Beach

Solimar Beach offers a lot of great breaks all year round. The best swells come from the west, northwest, south, and southeast. The beach breaks are great but can be mushy while the peaks are at 300 yards offshore over the reefs.

Avoid crowds by going on weekdays.

How to get there. Solimar can easily be seen between Faria Beach Park and Emma Wood State Park along Highway 101.

  1. Emma Wood

This spot features good left/right breaking swells over submerged reefs. Emma Wood is ideal during winter months, preferably on low tide. Best swells come from the west and northwest. Beach temperature stays moderate, making swimming comfortable.

Emma Wood is recommended for advanced surfers due to strong waves.

Emma Wood State Beach offers free parking in a dirt lot overlooking the beach. There’s a $2 fee at the park entrance.

The nearby area called the Ventura Overhead sits about 300 meters from the shore and is famous for being Ventura’s big-wave spot. It’s recommended for advanced surfers.

How to get there. Drive north on Highway 101 from Ventura. Take exit 72 then look for beach signs.

  • California Street

This spot features a reliable right-handed point break that keeps pumping even in the summer.

Best seasons are from fall to winter when the swells are coming in from the south or northwest on low to medium tides.

This place can handle beginners and advanced users fine. It’s an overall great location if you don’t mind the crowds.

How to get there. Take the California Street exit while driving down Highway 101 and you’re there. Parking is free at the county fair.

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