The Best Surf Spots in Ventura County

Written by Scott Squires

August 30, 2016

Don’t miss your chance to catch some of Southern California’s finest waves by visiting these fantastic surf spots in Ventura County.

Rincon Point

The sparkling waters of this legendary surf spot is home to what many consider as one of the most flawless and consistent right-hand point breaks in the world.

People from all over the world travel thousands of miles just to experience these swells.

Rincon point sits directly where the Santa Barbara County line meets the ocean in. It’s easily accessible via Highway 101.

Despite its fame, this spot is remote enough to keep weekend surfers from overcrowding the beach.

  • Best swell direction: South and west-northwest
  • Best season: Winter
  • Best tides: Low

Mussel Shoals

Also known as Little Rincon, Mussel Shoals is a charming beachside community located about four miles from Rincon Point. It’s a right-handed semi point breaking over a submerged reef that boasts plenty of good speedy sections and hollows when in season.

It’s easily accessed via Highway 101 if you take the Mussel Shoals exit. Look for the artificial island connected by a long causeway to the beach. It’s a bit rocky so watch out for that.

      • Best swell direction: South and northwest
      • Best season: Winter
      • Best tides: Low-mid

Pitas Point

A popular right-handed point break on a mile-long stretch of coastline located in Faria Beach, Pitas Point features plenty of launch space and long good sections. Plus, the place is seldom crowded.

Pitas Point is easy to find. It sits off a distinct bend off Highway 1 at the foot of the Santa Ynez Mountains between Solimar Beach and Seacliff.  

      • Best swell direction: South-northwest
      • Best season: Winter
      • Best tides: All

Solimar Beach

This spot is best known for its reef break, a 300-meter paddle from the shore across a kelp bed. Come winter, this spot gets pumping with heavy right-hand swells with beautiful peaks. These waves then turn mushy closer to shore.

A lot of driftwood washes up on the beach during winter so that’s something surfers need to deal with. The take-off zone is a little compressed but it’s not a problem when both areas are working.

Solimar Beach is easy to access via Highway 1. You’ll find this area sandwiched between Pita’s Point and Emma Wood State Park.

Best swell direction: South-northwest

Best season: Winter

Best tides: Low

Emma Wood State Beach

This popular summertime getaway’s main draw is a beach-and-reef break setup that pumps heavy right-handed hollows.

Emma Wood is one of the only places in winter-centric Ventura County to give you decent waves in the summer.

There’s also a big-wave break spot that gets busy during winter swells called the Ventura Beach Overhead found a quarter-mile offshore. It’s recommended for advanced surfers.

Emma Wood is  nestled along Highway 101 about a mile south of Solimar Beach.

Best swell direction: East

Best season: Winter

Best tides: Low

California Street

Officially dubbed Surfer’s Point, California Street is better known as C Street among locals and the surfing community. It’s a popular spot for both surf and beachgoers so expect crowds.

C Street is known for making waves all year long, catching left and right breaking swells from the south, southwest, west, and northwest.

To get there, take the California Exit near San Buenaventura Beach Park on Highway 101.

Best swell direction: South-southwest to west-northwest

Best season: Fall-winter

Best tide: Low-medium

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