Grateful for Scott’s Vision and Encouragement!!!

Written by Nailing x

June 19, 2017

Hi all. We are in escrow for a home in Thousand Oaks. We sold our Camarillo condo a couple of months ago and have been looking for something, with my cousin Scott Squires as our realtor. We were hoping to be within a 5-10 minute drive of Holy Trinity and Cal Lutheran and close to the kids schools and had fingers crossed for a four bedroom place. We found it! And one of my bridesmaids lives next door with her 3 kids. =) Emily and I went to CLU together and we lived together after college for a year. She and her family live next door and it’s the house that she grew up in…so I am familiar with the neighborhood and there are kids and community already there for us.

We are set to close escrow on July 3 and mostly likely will do a slow move since our current lease goes until July 31. Hopefully it will be a slow and steady move, even while Erik is in El Salvador and I in Minnesota in July. =)

We are so grateful for Scott’s vision and encouragement of this place…it has a granny flat attached to it so we will rent out that space, which is what is allowing us to buy a home of this caliber. We will also have some room to welcome guests so we look forward to hosting all of you in our home sometime soon. We are so grateful that we both make good salaries and can live in the town we both work in.

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