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Hello, I’m Scott Squires, and I’m the owner of Squires Development & Real Estate, Inc., a leading real estate firm based in Newbury Park, CA. We specialize in Ventura & Santa Barbara County real estate, with primary focus on the following communities: Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Santa Barbara, Camarillo, Simi Valley, Ventura, and Moorpark.

Find out what sets us apart from the rest of licensed real estate brokers in California.

Background in sports

Being competitive and being able to manage several projects without falling into the clutches of pressure are two traits I learned from spending over 25 years collegiate and professional sports. Prior to joining the real estate industry, I was heavily involved in the highly competitive and demanding world of sports. I started playing football way back when…I started coaching football in 1988 as a linebacker coach.  I have had many varied experiences from being a college position coach, to coordinator and the Head Football coach at the NCAA level.  Not only have the experiences been varied I also have covered the globe from Australia to Canada., and before entering the world of real estate, I served as the special teams coordinator of the Montreal Alouettes Football Club of the Canadian Football League.

College Athletics

One of my best experiences in sports was when I served as the head football coach for the California Lutheran University NCAA Division III from March 1996 to March 2007. Under my steadfast leadership and expert tutelage, California Lutheran University’s football team won many awards and accolades, and ranked high in several national rankings, particularly from 1997 to 2007.  The foundation that was built still lives on today with the Kingsmen program.

Professional Sports

Aside from college sports, I also spent some time in professional football. I helped the Montreal Alouettes to the pinnacle of the CFL, the Grey Cup.  Our organization made it to the big dance in 2008, 2009, and 2010.  I was a part of those staffs winning two out of the three times we made the championship.  I also coordinated the special teams for the Edmonton Eskimos in 2007.  Prior to ‘07 I was also the guest running back coach for the Edmonton Eskimos Football Club in the Canadian Football League from June to August 2001. Making something out of nothing has been part of my make-up in my past as a football coach, as well as now in real estate.  I had an opportunity to work for a startup league From April to June 2000, I served as the running back coach for the Los Angeles Dragons Spring Football League.

My years in the world of sports have helped shape me to become a highly competitive individual who calculates risk and keeps his head in the game.

Entry to Real Estate

Golden Moss Properties, LLC.

In 2010, I established Golden Moss Properties, LLC, a company that specializes in residential redevelopment. As a real estate solutions firm, we have successfully bought, rehabilitated, and sold over 90 homes for profit. This makes us experts when it comes to revamping older properties and making them good as new. This comes into play especially in seller representation – you can trust us to prepare your home for sale and transform it into a real estate beauty.

Squires Development & Real Estate, Inc.

I started Squires Development & Real Estate, Inc. on August of 2014 to provide an array of real estate services to different clients. Aside from offering buyer and seller representation in residential and commercial real estate, we offer property management services in California and Washington. I am proud to say that Squires Development & Real Estate, Inc. is one of the fastest growing agencies in Ventura & Santa Barbara County.

Enough talk about me. Let’s talk about you and your real estate goals.
Ventura & Santa Barbara County has plenty of real estate opportunities in store for you. To explore the area and the local real estate, contact Squires Development & Real Estate, Inc. today 805-244-6597 or get in touch with me directly at 805-509-0802. Let me be the first person to welcome you to sunny Ventura & Santa Barbara County!
Pay It Forward

Squires Development & Real Estate Mission statement


(Make A Greater Individual Commitment)

We are a first-class organization of empowered agents and staff members who are committed to the mission of Squires Development & Real Estate Incorporated.

We will lead our clients in a positive manner as we educate them about obtaining their goals residentially as well as financially through the use of real estate. We are in real estate because we have a strong passion for it and believe that we can contribute to the greater good because of it.

We will utilize real estate sales, Habitat for Humanity, Habitat For Humanity International, and Thrivent Financial Builds program as a tool to assist in providing underprivileged families with an opportunity at home ownership. Squires Development & Real Estate, Inc will commit to a portion of each sale to go towards seeing this dream become a reality. By donating time, talents and treasures the people at Squires Development & Real Estate Inc., would like to house at least one family a year in a home that is paid for.

Together we will carry out this mission by providing our customers with quality service, relentless work ethic, and results (be it buy, sell, rent, or invest). We will finish what we say we will do. This “team” bond we have with our clients and agents, will give our clients an opportunity to accomplish their goals, learn to serve one another, and strive for excellence in the process.

The more people we can serve the more families we can put in homes. We would ask for your referral, knowing that we have a goal to improve the greater good and provide housing for needy families. Squires Development & Real Estate Inc, sees its purpose as a facilitator of goals. We would like to know how we can assist you and we are letting you know how you will assist us. Come join our TEAM! Please call, IM, or email me questions you may have about getting involved. 805-509-0802  sdreinc@gmail.com

Thrivent Builds
Habitat for Humanity

Homes worked on:  (Thailand, Batam, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Malawi, Santa Paula, CA, and Oxnard, CA)


Batam, Indonesia

Costa Rica


Rehabs Worked On:  (Portugal)