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Las Posas Estates, Camarillo, CA

Unspoiled and beautiful, Camarillo — like many communities in Ventura County — have resisted change for many years. This has resulted to a wonderfully preserved community that still echoes Camarillo’s Hispanic ancestry. “The people are the city,” Camarillo’s motto states, and if the locals don’t want any new development in their turf, they will let their voices be heard.

Camarillo enjoys a Mediterranean-type climate that’s mostly pleasant all year round. Add the city’s wonderful collection of Spanish Colonial Revival buildings and you’ve got a locale that has its own unique flavor, standing out from the rest of Ventura County communities. Life is good in Camarillo. Family-friendly, with good schools and plenty of recreation, you can easily see why locals would oppose any change that will disrupt the Camarillo way of life.

Camarillo is located midway between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. It is also ranked as one of the safest communities in the country.

Camarillo Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Camarillo real estate offers a variety of housing options for both first-time and experienced home buyers. Single-family homes dominate the local market, but you can also find multi-family residences, luxury properties, and mobile homes scattered throughout the city. Architectural styles are diverse as well, but dominant styles include Spanish Colonial Revival and Mission Revival.

Camarillo is also home to a number of residential developments. Chief among these is the Las Posas Estates, billed as one of the city’s crowning jewels. Located on the hillside, Las Posas Estates boasts plenty of open space where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the whole city and surrounding areas.

There are roughly 1,200 homes in the neighborhood, built on large lots. Residents of Las Posas Estates are just a short drive away from the Las Posas Country Club, one of the best private golf clubs in Southern California. This makes Las Posas Estates an ideal place to live for avid golfers who want to experience the best tee times in one of the finest golf facilities in the region.

Live, work, and play in Camarillo, CA

  • More than just a bedroom community. While other people consider Camarillo as a bedroom community, you can still find plenty of career opportunities in the city.
  • Steeped in history. Camarillo is so rich in history, it would be a shame not to immerse yourself in the city’s story. You can head to the Camarillo Public Library to read about the foundation of the city, or you can head to historic attractions such as the Camarillo Ranch and Old Town Camarillo.
  • Shopping! Plenty of people make the drive to Camarillo to drop by Camarillo Premium Outlets, considered as one of the best shopping destinations in the Greater Los Angeles area. For another kind of shopping, there’s the Camarillo Farmers’ Market, which is held in Old Town every Saturday morning.

Las Posas Estates – Camarillo, CA Neighborhood

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