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Conejo Valley Events August 2017

24TH ANNUAL OXNARD SALSA FESTIVAL EVENT DATE : JULY 29, 11:00AM - JULY 29, 7:00PM PLAZA PARK The Oxnard Salsa Festival celebrates the flavors of salsa – the food, music and dance. Festival goers are treated to live salsa and Latin jazz ban...

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July 24, 2017 Article Jeffrey Gero, PhD Every year, the American Psychological Association takes our emotional temperature and reports the results in a research study titled, “Stress in America.” This year, for the first time, children ...

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Interest Rate Conundrums

INTEREST RATE CONUNDRUMS By: Lawrence Yun Rising interest rates are not dampening enthusiasm about the housing market. In a recent survey by the National Association of REALTORS®, 47 percent of consumers said it was good time to buy and 39...

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What Are “Comparables” in Real Estate All About?

For sellers to come up with an accurate listing price and buyers to determine an appropriate offer price, “comparables” need to be a part of the real estate process. These “comps” are essential for determining a home’s market value, a...

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Grateful for Scott’s Vision and Encouragement!!!

Hi all. We are in escrow for a home in Thousand Oaks. We sold our Camarillo condo a couple of months ago and have been looking for something, with my cousin Scott Squires as our realtor. We were hoping to be within a 5-10 minute drive of Holy T...

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Calculator and Pen

Real estate deductions

Do you rent out property? Keep in mind that there are rental expenses that you can deduct from your tax return. Knowing the basics of real estate deductions can help you make the most of your rental income. The basics You may deduct ordin...

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